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Those who wait for opportunity to fit neatly into their schedule…well, they’re still waiting.
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Great vid

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“I have had an issue with my stomach for years causing me quite a bit of discomfort. After taking Asea for a couple of weeks I was so astounded and excited that the discomfort I have had for the longest time was gone. Thank you Asea!” ~ Janet, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I have been using ASEA around 2 months now. In those 2 months my energy level has literally jumped to where I never thought it would be again. I have been going through medical treatments that lower my energy and attack my immune system, but since drinking Asea I have been healthier and my drive and get up and go are at a 10. Your never realize you were at a 5 until you get back to 10, Asea has changed my life.” ~ Cindy, Camas, Washington

“Every year I have caught a virus or cold that would hit me so hard and put me in bed for days on end. After thinking about this I realized that since taking Asea I have not had any problems during the cold and flu season. I now have vacation days that I can finally use for a vacation with my family, what I should have been doing for a long time. How awesome is that.” ~ Steve, Mission Viejo, California

“I just started weight lifting again after five years, I drank the ASEA before, during and after my first workout and I have to say I was amazed that I recovered so fast. I still got sore but it was gone in a few days, normally after that much time off I should have been sore for a week.” ~ Gustavo, Miami, FL

ASEA Success Stories

“My friend introduced me to ASEA and I decided to put it to the test on a weekend triathlon. I have always been in top form, but that race day my body did things that it had never done before and I ended up having my best finish ever. The only thing I did different was take ASEA.” ~ Jeffery, Seattle, WA

“I train high endurance athletes. One day one of my athletes brought in ASEA with its endurance study and truthfully I told him the results were too good to be true. I noticed he was performing a lot better so I decided to put a few other athletes on ASEA and run some tests to convince him that is wasn’t ASEA. I have to say that I was a skeptic because it is impossible to achieve that kind of increase in endurance, but somehow what was impossible is actually happening and now I am a believer. I don’t know how ASEA does it, but now all of my athletes are taking the product and every one of them is quickly increasing their endurance and performance levels.” ~ Stephen, Dallas, TX

“I’ve dealt with painful, ugly cold sores on my lips for years. I’ve tried creams, pills, salves, and anything else I could find to keep them from appearing. Someone told me to try putting ASEA on my lip whenever I felt one coming on. I figured, why not, nothing else had worked. To my surprise the cold sore never developed after putting ASEA on my lips. Unbelievable! I can’t wait to tell family members who experience the same problem!” ~ Doug, Provo, UTK

I am grateful for ASEA as it allows me to spend more time on the sea, which is my passion, and less time on land recovering from this strenuous activity! ~ Carlos - 53 year-old Wind Surfer, CA

I am a competitive cyclist and often ride 50+ miles a day. On a familiar ride up Emigration Canyon my heart rate ranges between high 150 to 170. When taking 4 oz of ASEA and on that same ride, my heart rate ranges between 140’s to 160’s. My recovery is shorter and my leg muscles never feel extreme fatigue. ~ Mark, Salt Lake City, UT

I love the benefits of ASEA, since taking ASEA, I have noticed a difference in my overall health and I know my immune system has been strengthened especially during allergy season. I have a lot more energy and I have more endurance when I exercise. ~ Amy, Salt Lake City, UT

About 18 months ago I was doing some construction work and really messed up my lower back. I started using ASEA and in a just a few days the discomfort I have had for over a year and a half was gone. I had fellow workers taking notice of the way I was walking. They all want to know what has happened to me! ~ Larry, Salt Lake City, UT.

from Real People you may know…

I am 52 years old and I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Myofascial Syndrome. For years, every morning I woke up with a pounding headache and feeling sick to my stomach. I would take a handful of medications first thing and go back to bed for an hour or so to give them time to kick in. I dreaded standing up because the pain in my feet felt like a million little needles stabbing the bottoms. I’m told the feeling is similar to gout, it is incredibly painful. If I was lucky, I would start my day. Some days I could not get out of bed at all. Now that I am drinking ASEA, not only do I stand up without any pain in my feet, I don’t wake up with a headache. I actually forget to take my pain medication until later in the day because I feel great and full of energy. Something I thought I would never feel again. And all of this is after only trying two ounces of ASEA for one week! Desiree Berrigan, Kurtistown, Hawaii

First, my husband noticed that his heart burn and indigestion disappeared. He stopped taking the prescribed medication he had, he doesn't need it anymore. Second, for both of us, we noticed joint relief. My hands were feeling what I think were arthritic like symptoms, and I was really thinking about getting it checked out. After a little more than a week on ASEA the soreness had gone and the mobility had returned.
We use it to spray everything. It seems too good to be true but, we have experienced pain disappearing and skin changing after spraying ASEA on. I saw a cut on someone heal within a short amount of time after spraying directly on it. We did not change anything else in our life except for taking ASEA. Debee & Paul, Keaau, HI

Although I was skeptical I gave ASEA a try with no expectations. Within a week I frantically called my source requesting another bottle before I ran out. I noticed many improvements in my health after a few days. I have not had any anxiety attacks and have not taken my anxiety medication. I also doubled the number of repetitions I did on my workout, I was experiencing backaches and going to the Chiropractor, now my back pain is gone and my energy level is up while my mood is level.
Normally, when I work a night shift it takes me 48 hours to recover, but after drinking ASEA I have been able to work all night and continue on for part of the day on only 1 hour of sleep and still be alert and energetic. One night, after eating oranges, my mouth broke out in canker sores, so I sprayed ASEA in my mouth and when I woke they were all gone. I pinched my finger and it was extremely painful so I sprayed ASEA on it and the pain went away immediately. Try it, you may benefit in ways you cannot imagine.
Taylor Summers, Big Isle, HI

Our son fell into a lava crack and was pretty scraped up. He came home and my wife, Cynthia, sprayed ASEA on it. They both watched it heal right before their eyes! Cynthia has sensitive skin and had developed a rash on her face that she had for over a week. She started spraying ASEA on her face and in two days it was completely gone. She is also sleeping better at night. My daughter’s co-worker, who paddle boards, had fallen on his board. He was pretty bruised-up and scrapes/bruises looked awful still after a week. My daughter sprayed ASEA on his arm and within 2 days his skin had regenerated to a normal skin color. I had suffered constantly from severe headaches and was taking pain medicine for relief. Upon taking ASEA for the first time, I noticed that my headache went away immediately. I was amazed. ASEA keeps the headaches away and I am no longer on any pain medication. ASEA seems good for everybody.
Jr. Keliihoomalu Pahoa, Hawaii

I had been taking ASEA for about 1-1/2 months and taking 3 oz. daily when I decided that the garage needed a good cleaning out. It was filthy! I needed to move lots of different items such as bicycles, a lawn mower, ladder, large bags of dog food, etc. It took me two days as I did 1/2 the job on each day. When I was finished, I called my family over to see and they were just amazed! A week ago I also started exercising on my tread mill, 1 mile per day. I feel good and I don’t get tired. I am an 81 year great-grandma and feeling strong.
Bobbie Frey Keaau, HI

Samantha wrote:

I injured my back 4 years ago. I was given injections into my back but that did not help. I also received pain medication which did not help. I began to have numbness in one of my legs. The medical bills were adding up to more than I could pay for and we had not found the source of the problem.

After more tests it was narrowed down to be a back or hip problem. One doctor prescribed an MRI just to be certain. Well, they found over 60 lesions on my brain. This created more confusion and more pain medications were prescribed. But they did not work anymore. After 3 doctors and lots of tests, there were no results, but lots of pain.

About this time, a friend of mine called me about ASEA and said “what have you got to lose?” “It may do wonders!” I tried it because I trust this person.

I drank 4 oz. the first day. On the second day, I felt less pain and numbness in my leg. The next two days were amazing! I had more enegery, I wasn't in any pain. It has been a week now and all is great.

When I walked into my work, people who knew about my condition asked what had magically happened? I will keep you posted but must say, Thanks ASEA!”

Here's my ASEA story following the EIS testing this week. I am a life development coach and former chiropractor. I was introduced to ASEA three weeks ago and have been taking the 3 to 4 oz per day. I am age 41 and love life. I feel great but the concept of molecular signaling with ASEA has been the product I've been looking for in addressing difficult cases we attract within our coaching and consulting services.
Personally, my desire was to get a baseline measurement on the EIS prior to taking the ASEA product. Now, keep in mind I've been taking ASEA for three weeks, however. The EIS is a breakthrough stress assessment computer from France. It measures the body's compartments and organs in a 3 minute detailed scan and is truly amazing. Hospitals in Florida are now using the EIS scan as it it a rapid assessment with very detailed informaition at the cellular level. A chiropractic center in our town acquired the EIS, and I received a recent scan from my chiropractic colleague. Do you know what he said to me during his report of findings following my scan?

Although I am symptom-free and taking ASEA, keep in mind, I had no idea what to expect on the EIS results since it had been almost 3 years since my last EIS scan. Well, as my colleague reviewed my scan, he said, "We've tested almost 1,000 people now on the EIS, and your scan is absolutely the best I've seen. Nobody has a report that is as balanced as yours. It looks really good. Whatever you're doing is working." I did have with me a bottle of ASEA just in case the topic came up following my testing.

I explained to him my desire was to get an EIS scan as a baseline and early marker before I started taking ASEA but apparently, it was TOO LATE! All of my bar graphs were "in the zone," if you will, which is remarkable. I was absolutely amazed and thrilled with my results on ASEA in such a short time. I now have the green light to begin training for another marathon!

What we do know in the brief time we've been using ASEA is that it works much faster than a three week window. It works immediately once it hits the cells. The truth is, our bodies are craving a balance of reactive molecules at the cellular level, and
anyone with symptoms or health issues has such an imbalance, for example. Here's the exciting feature...with ASEA, we have a molecular formula which consistently addresses this vital "communication link" in the arena of molecular signaling. Thanks to ASEA, for the first time we can introduce a balanced set of reactive molecules to the body.

Advanced testing such as the EIS computer will provide such a platform monitor ASEA and healing phases at the cellular level. Just remember, if possible, get your baseline testing before the first drop of ASEA hits your tongue!

Dr. Mark Gustafson

I recently underwent surgery for a Total HIP REPLACEMENT....and having Scar Tissue in my back, legs, abdomen and shoulders there has been quite a bit of strain & pain asssociated with the body trying to compensate for the longer length of my right leg.
Since being on ASEA for over 2 weeks, the strain and a lot of the pain has gone.
My Chiropractor even remarked as to how much better the tissuses in my back were! My Massage Therapist has been able to breakup a lot more of the scar tissuse all over my body since I've been on ASEA.
I highly recommend drinking 4 oz. of ASEA daily for any aches and pains ...and to help your body to heal more quickly!! Donna

I have seen many things come and go in network marketing, just as you have. As an ASEA customer, I am amazed (And that just doesn’t happen in my book) at a very personal level. Having fought cancer and Crohn’s disease for so many painful years, I have never found full relief without heavy pain medications. After just days of ASEA now, I am pain free. I am completely free of migraines, joint stiffness and pain, vision challenges and stomach/intestinal pain. This has never happened to me. My medications have been moved to the back and I have energy to meet my days. I don’t completely understand this, but I am so thankful.

This is not an antioxidant or one of the countless products out there. ASEA is newly patented, begins at the redox signaling step of the cell. If the signal isn’t properly balanced, antioxidants and other nutrients aren’t able to do their job. ASEA retunes that signal, balances the redox and oxidant molecules, and allows the rest to do what it was Greatly designed to do. It is one of a kind task and never accomplished before.

Grace McMullin

Also, on our different subject of ASEA, I'm sort of intrigued to do my next power test. We have 70 mile, at least for me from my house, Sunday group ride that does some serious climbing, like 7500' of climbing in around 30 miles. Anyway, I don't normally stay with the local pro and the couple of young gun 20 somethings. This Sunday, which was 14 days into ASEA, I planned to try and stay with them as long as possible. I did the whole first climb with them. The second steeper climb I stayed with the pro even after we dropped the other guys, again all the way to the top. One the last 10 mile climb I sat at the front the whole time side by side with one of the 20 somethings and we rode the whole climb that way and ended up dropping everyone else with just a steady medium hard pace. I've been specifically working on climbing for 2 months now, but I sure felt great on the climbs, it could be ASEA but I can't say for sure.

So, it will be cool to see if there is something else going on when I do the test.

Kevin from California

All I can tell you is...I BURNT my hand while cooking-first thing that hit my mind was-ASEA- I used the Spray on Applicator and I kid you not- by the time I went to bed there was NO indication of a pain, no mark.

I love this stuff.
Yours In Good Health,
Christine and Kent Larsen

My friends father was just diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Also been constipated for a while. He took two ounces of ASEA and just a few hours later he was able to go to the bathroom. Same result the next morning which gave him much relief. After his surgery the doctor asked what type of pain he was feeling and he replied "no pain". He went home feeling really good, filled with hope, and excited about ASEA!
I have another friend out in kapolei that I share ASEA with. She has diabetes. Because she wasn't taking meds, her numbers were above 300. After the first day taking ASEA her numbers dropped below 250!
Johnson Mukaida
Mililani, HI

Cecelia M. - Excema totally cleared up in less than 5 days on Asea. Severe allergies since 12 years of age that would hospitalize or incapacitate her for days can now be managed with a few ounces of Asea and she can go about her day regularly.

Zabrina S. Joint and arthritis pain relieved on Asea.

Janeen A. Mental clarity and focus increased. Muscle fatigue during walks nearly eliminated and more energy than ever. Daughter is a high level swimmer who shaved a whopping 13 seconds of her swim times.

Damien A. Documented proof from Kaiser doctors showing the results of no blood pressure medication and JUST ASEA. BP usually in the 150 range ON medication, on Asea for a week and a half and no meds for 4 days was 127. Resting heart rate dropped from a high 95 beats per minute to 65.

David N. Also has documentation from his doctor of the first decline in blood pressure/cholesterol in YEARS. only difference is Asea. Asea has dropped his cholesterol over 60 points in less than 2 months.

2 siblings on the leeward coast taking mood stabilizers and anti depressants are now off their medication and only on Asea with dramatic results.

A young man from Waianae with cancerous growths on neck that were expanding at a rapid rate has seen the tumors diminish being on Asea.

Ipo A. - Diabetes, arthritis and major fatigue and energy problems spraying Asea on her joints took arthritis pain away. Diabetes sores on her toes nearly completely gone. due to poor circulation she could not feel the bottom of her feet and would often think she was walking outside with slippers on when she was barefoot. For the first time in a very long time she can actually feel her feet again. She also would get up at 2pm everyday majorly fatigued, on Asea she gets up with full energy at 7:30 every morning.

Cassie W: Asea helped bring her blood sugar (she has diabetes) down from 200 to 119 and helped her have consistent bowel movents ( she would previously have a movement once every week to 2 weeks!) In addition she does hardcore tahitian dancing and would normally deal with muscle soreness and difficulity walking the next day, however on Asea relieved her muscle pain AND allowed her to dance for hours without discomfort

Bridget A: High blood pressure brought down and edema (water swelling) issues relieved. Energy level boosted greatly and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) issues resolved (able to have normal movements without the aid of pills now!)

Kehau P: Psoriasis issues majorly, spraying Asea daily and drinking 4 oz gave tremendous relief, Also lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks and a total of 25 pounds her 6 weeks on Asea. Energy level greatly increased also, her story is fantastic

Terry T: Burstitis pain in both knees absolutely gone after 5 days of drinking Asea, reports that she now has great energy!

That time of month for me, so I got my first shipment of ASEA yesterday late afternoon, and I took my first ounce of ASEA, I really liked it... Last night I did not have any problems, and I thought this is weird... it lasted all night about 3:30 this monring and I woke up with pain in ovaries and swelling, reached for ADVIL... 20 minutes later ADVIL had not helped.... took an ounce of ASEA and in less than 5 minutes everything was gone.... and it lasted all day long until just a little while ago, it was starting the lower back cramps again, and pain in my ovaries and swelling so I took another oz of asea and in 5 minutes all my pain was gone. and went to bed and slept and it lasted all day until about 3:30 and gradually the pain started coming again and about 6:15 could not take any more of the pain so I took another ounce of ASEA and within 5 minutes all female discomfort was gone..... Normally on my first day I do not touch a bite of food... I cannot eat. ... This morning I had my oatmeal, and at 3 had an avocado and with a couple slices of cheese for lunch and for supper had some summer sausage with a few slices of cheese, and normally i do not eat a bite of food because I am nausau with cramps and stuff....
This is unbelievable all my pain, swelling and cramping is gone...
Every time I hear a great testimonial, we have helped another person.
Within less than five minutes, all female discomfort was gone - from now on I will reach for the ASEA instead of the ADVIL.....

It just tasted like plain water to me, but this morning after the ADVIL and took the ASEA it did have a bad taste-- now the ASEA lasted me all pain and swelling until about 3:30 pm it started coming on again, then it gradually started getting worse until 5:00 and then I took another ounce of ASEA and within 5 minutes it was all completely gone.

Sharon Penner
for Misty W. from Benton IL

I forgot to mention I have lost 12 lbs with no changes to my diet or exercise since taking ASEA for the past 4 weeks.
Wishing you a thousand blessings on your journey.... in whatever shape or form it takes you.
. Teri Livengood

Sharlene K. dropped 9 pounds being on the product for just two weeks with no diet or exercise change.

Merrilyn R. (this one is kinda spooky) completely off her thyroid medications for over 3 weeks now and feeling better than ever

Personal Trainer on the big island after one day noticed a 30% improvement in his workouts

As a 69-year-old farmer: "I've been having stiff knee joints and degenerative hip problems for the past two years. Since taking ASEA I am less stiff and have less hip pain and able two recover quicker and sleep a little better."
--Charles, Illinois

He is hard to get to confirm what his ailments are! Also he scraped a good quarter size piece of skin off the back of his hand last week, and has been spraying this wound often with ASEA, and I am surprised how it is healing over and every day how the radius is closing in. -- It has to be the ASEA at work!

Sharon - Illinois

Patrice W. of Kaneohe noticed after only a few days on Asea that her lower GI tract went through a strong detox. With Asea, she is no longer suffering from constipation and is now experiencing improved mental clarity and focus..

I have already noticed some skin healings that I have been concerned about. When I take it within a few minutes of taking my MacaLive I can feel a increased surge of energy. Maca has always given me energy, however this is super charged.
Teri- California

My wife had bone spurs which made it uncomfortable when we travel. Once she started taking Asea internally and also spraying her feet, the pain went away.

When we came back from our last trip, we both caught a cold. She went to the doctors to get a congestion medication. Her blood pressure has always been slightly above borderline and nothing that we have taken has really helped. When she went to the doctor to get her medication, they took her blood pressure and when the doctor saw her readings, he was very impresse and told her so. He asked what she had been done differently and she replied that she started taking Asea.

I started noticing that when I started to take Asea first thing in the morning and waited to take my normal supplements 15 minutes after taking it, my energy level was at a high level. I started noticing that I naturally increased my level of physical activities.

Lane F.

Wailuku, HI

Fred S. from Waianae : after 3 days on the product Fred S going for his PhD commented that he had never had such mental focus and clarity on top of his vision being improved so much he could go without his contacts.

Bob L. from Waianae : For 7 days straight before taking Asea Bob had been running a 200 point blood pressure and was given an advisory from his doctor. 2nd day on Asea his blood pressure dropped to 125 then stabilized at 140.

Kitty G. from Honolulu : For her whole adult life she had never gotten 8 full hours of sleep, she commented that she frequently got up during the night and her day would often start at 3am. After 3 days on the product Kitty slept "like a baby" for 8 hours and continues to get this kind of quality sleep.

Joliene S. from Ewa Beach : A mother of three commented that her energy levels were so low and sleeping patterns so irregular that she often times got up late into the morning nearly at noon. After 3 days on Asea she noticed that she was getting up very early in the morning with full energy and not needing to take day time naps.

Norma S. from Ewa Beach : After a week on the product Norma said her overall wellbeing and energy level was indescribable yet amazing

Tamra N. from Moanalua ; Really active woman reports reports dynamic energy and recovery levels and being able to jog her usual route without fatigue anymore.

Fay W. from Honolulu : Says her quality of sleep and workout recovery has never been better she also is a very high energy and active woman working out nearly every day.

Patrice W. from Kaneohe : had an injured arm when she came to see Asea for the first time. After 2 ounces of Asea she noticed her arm was remarkably better the next day and wanted a bottle asap.

Sandi S. from Pearl City : A eczema rash that never went away for years despite various attempts finally started to clear up a few days after her drinking Asea and apply it topically.

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May 3 ,2010

First blog ever! Visit for complete information on asea


At a cellular level, the body produces two different types of reactive molecules that support virtually all of the functions of the immune system and tissue regeneration response. These reactive molecules are naturally created in the body during the metabolism of sugar that produces ATP, the body’s primary source of energy. They participate in intra- and inter-cellular damage-control communications, activation of antioxidants, cellular protection and defense against toxins and free radicals, and in the healing response.

The human body is constantly working to maintain cellular health by balancing these reactive molecules to rid the body of harmful components and to clean up the oxidative stress and free radical damage that occurs at the cellular level. When these reactive molecules are in the proper balance, the immune system and healing process function at their optimal level.

Every day more research and published articles are appearing about this “Redox Signaling” process, making it one of the fastest growing research fields in science. ASEA is the first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of these Redox Signaling reactive molecules that exists outside the body and can be used to help maintain proper balance inside the body to support the immune system and healing process.

In independent studies, it was shown that ASEA when in contact with living cells increased the efficiency of some of our body’s most important native antioxidants (Glutathione and SOD) more than 500% and also increased their rate of production. ASEA was shown to enhance the signaling processes involved in damage control. This shows that ASEA helps protect healthy cells by empowering antioxidants and simultaneously supports the immune system to detect and repair damaged cells.

Please click on the links below to read more about the science of ASEA.


Athletes know that even a small increase in their ability to perform or recover could make the difference in achieving their goals. Conditioned athletes sometimes more than others have the increased need to maintain a healthy chemical balance inside their cells because of the stress they put on their bodies.

In order to research the effect of ASEA on athletes, an independent laboratory tested the performance of a group of healthy athletes in an endurance test (VO2 max) designed to measure oxygen intake, CO2 build-up and heart rate during this particularly strenuous standardized test run on a treadmill.

The results were extraordinary. After only two weeks of ASEA™ supplementation, the athletes experienced a large increase in their VT (Ventilatory Threshold - endurance or the time it takes to hit the runner’s wall), increasing their distance before this carb-burn slump on average over 12%. That means that after only two weeks of supplementing with ASEA™ some athletes increased their power output and endurance over 30%!

Not only did their endurance increase but most of the athletes experienced a measurable reduction in their average heart rate and all of them reported feeling less fatigued and less soreness after strenuous workouts.

ASEA™ is currently working with thousands of athletes; including professionals, semi-professionals, collegiate and amateurs, and every day there are more and more stories of personal records being achieved, races being won, and lifelong goals being met.

depression symptoms
depression symptoms
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